From the President of Wattrain: “When this is over..."

  • Posted On: 13 April 2020

A member of Wattrain’s Board perfectly expressed our feelings: “When this is over... and who knows when that will be, WATTRAIN's role will be even more essential in helping our members and the wider heritage railway sector to recover from what are bound to be serious financial implications”.


Nobody knows when it will finish and when (and how) Wattrain will be able to be part of the recovery effort of our heritage railways. In the meantime, we are receiving sad news from our Members. We have no doubt that the reality is much more distressing than what is brought to our attention. We are sorry about that.


Wattrain wishes to express its most heartfelt condolences to all its Members - and Member Institutions - who lost relatives and friends, and its sympathy to all the Members whose relatives and friends are or have been suffering.


We hope that everyone will find the energy to carry on his/her duties, notwithstanding the present predicament, helping relatives, friends, colleagues and unknown people to survive and to look forward. We are seeing extraordinary examples everywhere.


We will all be deeply changed by this frightful event, I hope for the best. As far as I am concerned, I hope I (and others) will be able to understand how the world got to this point (I am not referring to the medical aspect), and to try and correct it. May future generations benefit from such an effort. We owe it to them and to those who passed away.

Stefano Benazzo, President

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