Covid-19.. A Message from WATTRAIN's Board of Directors.

  • Posted On: 13 April 2020

WATTRAIN can continue to function behind the scenes as we are all well spaced out,two in Australia, two in USA, one in Italy, three in the UK and one in Argentina. We communicate via the internet so we pose no risk to others.


  • During these unprecedented times, all we can advise our Heritage Railways and Tramways worldwide is to follow the advice of your Governments and help prevent the transmission of this dreadful virus. 
  • We would also recommend using the internet and Social Media to keep in contact with your customer base. 
  • Please be very careful how you word posts on Social Media, make sure there is nothing contentious posted accidentally.
  • Try and keep your websites up-to-date informing your followers of your current situation.
  • As cash flows dry up and revenue temporarily becomes a thing of the past, try to be inventive. Some Railways have set up online shops, virtual cafes where yes you can buy a virtual bacon butty. 
  • It may be to your advantage to try and plan how you are going to restart your business when this is all over. Things will not be the same as they were at the beginning of 2020.


Wherever you are in the world we are thinking of your plight, we wish you well and a speedy return to normality.


Stay safe.


And best wishes for a happy and healthy Easter time break.


WATTRAIN Board of Directors. 


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