Torkel Patterson, Board Member from Central Japan Railway Company to speak at World Rail Festival in December.

  • Posted On: 11 July 2019
This week the World Rail Festival has confirmed Torkel Patterson, Board Member fromCentral Japan Railway Company to speak in December. He joins other world-leading speakers including the CEOs of NS, NTV, GVB, TGV Lyria, Postbus, Vy (NSB) and more.

Hear from Torkel Patterson about the future of rail at JR Central, at the heart of innovation and development of Japan’s booming rail sector.

Understand how JR Central use digital technology to amplify the benefits of ticketing, customer experience, payments and on board design to truly make rail the best choice.
Torkel will also touch on Maglev, IOT, AI and smart mobility and what the future of mobility could be in Japan.

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