World Rail Festival: NS, Postbus and Thello are speaking at the World Rail Festival.

  • Posted On: 4 July 2019

Joining us as a speaker in the BBC moderated morning keynote session, Roger Van Boxtel will share NS’ perspective on the opportunities and challenges for the future of rail. Discussing everything from sustainability to international rail and the impact of autonomous vehicles, Roger will share his perspective on the future of rail.Silvia Kaupa-Gotzl (Postbus)will be joining us to share her perspective on driving innovation forward in Austria’s national bus operator. Join Silvia’s round table to discuss the challenging topic of fostering collaboration with stakeholders in transport. A critical issue in the pursuit of innovation and development in rail, this is definitely not a session to miss.
Roberto Rinaudo, CEO, Thello. Providing a night service which can compete against low cost flights. 


  • Shaping the business case around excellence in customer experience. 
  • Using WIFI to offer new services and developing new sources of revenue. 
  • Ensuring we provide our customers with relevant in-destination information.


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