Nostalgic! Tram cars to chug along south Mumbai again.(Rajendra B.Aklekar)

BEST calls for feasibility study to check if a tram could be run from Electric House to Kala Ghoda on weekends to promote tourism.

  • Posted On: 28 February 2019
Tram cars may soon make a return to Mumbai's streets. The BEST Undertaking in its committee meeting on Wednesday discussed a proposal to revive one tram car and check the feasibility of running it on a small stretch between the Electric House and Kala Ghoda on weekends with the help of the tourism department.

BEST Committee Member Atul Shah, who first tabled the proposal, said that he had spoken with Union transport minister Nitin Gadkari about the idea, who'd then given him a verbal assurance for the same.

"BEST has a plan for reviving an old tram car and keeping it on display at Bhatia Baug outside Mumbai CSMT station. But this does not make sense. Tram cars are supposed to be kept running instead of being a stationary display. If we could run one tram car on a small stretch only during weekends as a tourist attraction, it will evoke a lot of nostalgia and also educate the present generation about the glory of tram cars," said Shah. He said there are technologies available now to easily run one tram car by powering it electrically or through batteries.

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