Stephenson's Rocket is en route back to Newcastle - here's when to can see it

  • Posted On: 24 July 2018
Famous Rocket moves for first time in 156 years as it heads home from London to star in The Great Exhibition of the North.

The iconic Stephenson Rocket has been in motion for the first time in almost 160 years.

The Tyneside-built locomotion has now moved from its spot in The Science Museum in London - where it has been on almost continuous display since 1862 - in readiness to embark upon a journey back home.

It will be proudly displayed in Discovery Museum , a fitting location given the venue's focus on North East invention, during the upcoming northern showcase which will run from June 22 to September 9.

An essay written by Stephenson about its design and building is also to go on show at Discovery Museum when the Rocket takes pride of place.

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