2021 REOPENING & MANDATES. WHEN: May 17, 4:00 PM. Eastern

May 17: tourist railroad connections, episode 13

  • Posted On: 11 May 2021
The pandemic appears to be subsiding. Information is coming fast and furious. All of this continues to have a significant impact the tourist railroad industry. More than ever we need meaningful connections. None of us have the right answers as to how to navigate these uncharted waters. No one has ever even dreamed the scenarios we now face. We are all working in the dark, using our gut instincts to make decisions to try and keep our organizations afloat. Our goal is to continue the conversation we started over a year ago within our small, tight knit community.

Please join my co-host Josh Miller Station Manager of the North Shore Scenic Railroad and I as we continue to explore the issues that lie in front of us all. Our topic will be 2021 Reopening and Mandates. Josh and I welcome Robert Castiglione of the Federal Railroad Administration, Douglas Deskin of the Transportation Security Administration and G. Mark Ray of HeritageRail Alliance.

Recordings of our previous webinars are now available for you to watch and share. Simply go to and click on the Webinars link in the top navigation bar.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a free webinar, open to the tourist railroad and supporting communities. Please feel free to share this invitation with others you feel may benefit from our mission.

Michael Kuehl
Dynamic Ticket Solutions, LLC


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