West Bengal Transport Corporation ( Calcutta Tramways company)..and an appeal!

  • Posted On: 16 December 2020

Kolkata (Calcutta )Tramways is a living heritage site under threat. Historic public transportation system that out-survives trams in many international cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, London, Melbourne. In Calcutta, the tram was established in 1873. This is a unique mass transport system in Asia that was never discontinued and still uses the same technology, tracks and tractions and service area as the electrification system was installed starting from 1902. Today, the congestion and pollution from other modes of transport coupled with the great affection that the trams have from the daily commuters makes it a heritage worth preserving. People not only see it as theirs, they see it as an answer for the problems of the present. 


Kolkata Tram World aims to inventorise trams of the world, with a focus on the city of joy, Kolkata. Kolkata runs the only tramway of India, the biggest democracy in the world and the second most populated country.


A unique initiative, Kolkata Tram World mixes art, history and heritage. The KTW will have a concert area, cafes, souvenirs, lounges, waiting rooms, photo galleries in addition to being a museum of sorts.


The idea of KTW is to attract youth to the concept of trams and make them the harbingers of heritage preservation and to keep riding the eco friendly and most inexpensive transportation, Tramway.


As friends of KTW, we would love to have your words of encouragement which would go on our KTW wall and press notes.

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