New track to be installed at Colyford Crossing as track maintenance continues through Winter closures.(Seaton Tramway)

  • Posted On: 11 December 2020

New track to be installed at Colyford Crossing as track maintenance continues through Winter closures.


Permission has been granted by Devon County Council to undertake works to Seaton Tramway’s Level Crossing at Colyford, with works taking place 4th -12th January 2021. Work will see the removal of the existing tramway tracks, to be replaced with new rails and foundations under and across the carriageway.


A representative of Seaton Tramway said “We are pleased that a road closure order has been granted to allow us to undertake these essential works. We will be working closely with our main contractors to remove the existing 45 year old track and replace with newly sourced rails and more substantial footings. Of course, in doing this the carriageway must be closed off to road traffic for the whole duration of the works as we are governed by the curing time of the foundations. All versions of a road closure have been explored but we want to ensure the works are done right and survive the next 40 plus years without further disrupting the A3052. We apologise for any disruption or inconvenience this causes during these essential works.


The line between Seaton and Colyton took 10 years to complete when the tramway started operating from Riverside Depot in 1970. Running first, only half a mile to Bobsworth bridge. The hard-working team made their way closer and closer to Colyton as they laid the track by hand, on top of the bed of the old railway line that once linked Seaton to Exeter and London. Using a team of volunteers and its one works car and wagon it was not until 1975 that trams could finally cross the road and complete their journey towards Colyton. After 45 years of wear and tear the track and road is now in need of replacement.


The new rails will be laid at a new angle to better suit the points at Colyford and new track laid just north of Colyford Crossing. Once the work is completed, it will also see the installation of a new overhead system which has been delayed to coincide with this work and avoid a second road closure. The track project is one of a few taking place over the next 12 months, including a new halt at Swans Nest Loop which will eventually allow passengers to board directly at Seaton Wetlands.


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