Asian Network of Industrial Heritage--Field School

Topic: “ The Preservation and Practice of Asia-Pacific Railway Heritage ”

  • Posted On: 16 May 2019
Topic: “ The Preservation and Practice of Asia-Pacific Railway

Heritage ”
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I. Purpose:
According to the spirits of “Taipei Declaration on Asian Industrial Heritage” issued at The
15th Session of The International Committee for The Conservation of The Industrial
Heritage (TICCIH) in 2012, which states “recognize the importance of transnational and
regional industrial heritage and the future Asian regional cooperation to promote the
preservation of industrial heritage is critical”, MOC established “Asian Network of Industrial
Heritage (ANIH) “ in March 2018, and held the first international preparatory meeting on
May 31, 2018, and agreed to take “railway” as the theme to promote preservation of Asian
industrial cultural heritage in 2019.

The field school curriculum aims to carry out “The Riga Charter” spirit and to promote ”The
Preservation and Practice of Asia-Pacific Railway Heritage by taking the preservation,
maintenance and management of Alishan Forest Railway for example. Especially, young
workers and researchers of railway cultural heritage from differing countries are invited in
order to enhance the railway cultural heritage preservation, activate knowledge, and establish
exchanges and cooperation networks.


Date and Venue:
Time: June 30, 2019 (Sun) to July 5, 2019 (Fri), 6 days in total.
Venue : Chiayi CPC Training Center and Alishan Forest Railway.

Course content:
This field school course includes theoretical and practical courses, which are taught in
Chinese or English (with interpretation service).The courses include group discussion,
participation in international forum, field exploration and discussion. Finally, all the
participants have to deliver group presentations, joining vision roundtable conference and the
organizer will issue the certificate of completion.



Course hosts and lecturers:
Nai-Yi Hsu: Vice-chairman, APHTRO.
Min-Hsun Hsieh, Former Vice-chairman, APHTRO.
Ting-Wei Ku: Editor in chief of the magazine Rail News
Shih-Chuan Huang: Professor, Graduate Institute of Architecture and Cultural Heritage,
Taipei National University of the Arts
Bo-Liang Chen: researcher of 360-degree view record plan
Sri Shindi Indira: Representative of Sumatra Heritage Trust
Shih-Ting Lin: Representative of Alishan Youth Ambassador


[Date]: From now until May 23, 2019 (Thu.)
[Registration]: Register online(
Those who want to sign up should fill in and submit the relevant
registration information to (Miss Chen). After receiving the
registration information, we will reply by E-mail.
[Information for registration]: Please email application documents to before May 10, 2019. (All should be submitted in Word format.)


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