New Rail Events International Office in the UK.

  • Posted On: 10 May 2019
New Rail Events International Office in the UK.

Rail Events International, a subsidiary of Rail Events Inc. based in the USA, is delighted to announce the opening of its new UK office in Telford at the end of April 2019. The new office will host a range of services including marketing, retail and support services for its UK and European event partners.



Released in 1985, Chris Van Allsburg’s The Polar Express has become a worldwide, bestselling children’s book, followed in 2004 by the eponymous film by Robert Zemeckis which has become a firm family-favourite at Christmas. Rail Events, with more than a decade as the official licensing agent through Warner Bros Consumer Products, has 48 partner railways in the USA, Canada and the UK operating THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride and over one million passengers who enjoy the trip to the ‘North Pole’ each year.

At the heart of the Rail Events’ ethos is the aim to spread the success of this event further afield and to continue to welcome many more happy customers, create memorable experiences and attract new audiences as well as additional revenue streams for heritage railways which in turn leads to investment in a stable, sustainable future. Allen C Harper, founder of American Heritage Railways and Rail Events, summarises this most eloquently: “We are all guardians of history. The best way to preserve history is to make its presentation so interesting and exciting that people will pay a fair price for a great experience."

If you are currently running Santa train rides or just want to find a new event and would like to discuss whether THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride is something which your railway would be interested in developing in the future, then please contact:

Rail Events International Ltd

Haybrook Industrial Estate

Halesfield 9, Unit B6





Rail Events International Limited registered in England & Wales Number 11895571

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